Our Sitka Whale Watching experience is brought to you by Captain Cody Loomis and his wife, Marlie.


    Whale Watching

    Get a Glimpse

    Affordable Whale Watching Tours

    Sitka Whale Watch offers affordable whale watching tours that are designed for cruise ship passengers: Just $100.00 per person plus tax and fees

    Amazing Experience

    We routinely see humpback whales, sea otters, sea lions, puffins, and bald eagles on this tour.

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    Only 6 passengers per trip, space is limited so book now!

    Whale Watching Alaska

    See Humpback whales, Sea Otters, Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, Puffuns, and More!

    The tour


    Whale Watching Tour

    Whether it’s your first time visiting Sitka or if you’ve been here before and would like to experience something new, our whale watching tour is the perfect way to do it. Once you’ve booked your tour, you’ll be all set to ride aboard the Kimshan. A 35 foot boat that was custom built to ensure a smooth ride and an enjoyable experience. With a dry exhaust diesel 13ft above the waterline and two Cummins engines, the Kimshan glides across the water without delivering an overbearing smell of exhaust. This added attention to detail ensures that your whale watching experience with us will be like none other!

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