Our Sitka Whale Watching experience is brought to you by Captain Cody Loomis and his wife, Marlie.

    Sitka Whale

    January 2022

    Many people have heard the sounds of baleen whales in Southeast Alaska, such as the humpback whale and the blue whale, but do not know the meaning of a whale song. Here, you will learn what these sounds mean. These whales produce a haunting melody to some, but to others, the sounds resemble the notes of a song.   Who Are These Musical Artists?  The two whales responsible for making these majestic songs are humpback whales and blue whales. However, humpback whales only make these sounds during their mating season, and

    If you are interested in wildlife, sea creatures, and whale watching, Alaska is the perfect place for you to visit. Whether you’re hoping to get a glimpse of Sea Otters, Bald Eagles, Stellar Sea Lions, Puffins, or different kinds of whales, a whale watching tour will help you achieve that.   There are many different kinds of whales you might see in Sitka. The most common kinds are the Humpback Whale, the Orca Whale, and the Grey Whale. You might also spot the Beluga Whale, the Blue Whale, the Bowhead, the Bottlenose,

    Sitka is undoubtedly one of Alaska’s most picturesque and fascinating communities. The mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding wilderness is a perfect environment for various tour programs.  It is incredible when you visit Sitka. The unique experience includes cruising the gorgeous seas off the coast of Sitka, taking in the breathtaking landscape while your guide shares surprising insights about the area's history, fauna, and the float-house you'll visit.  The voyage can also walk you through one of the most intriguing issues, including Sitka's cultural history and how Sitka reigned as Russia's capital until

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