Our Sitka Whale Watching experience is brought to you by Captain Cody Loomis and his wife, Marlie.

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    Humpback whales are known for their beauty, size, and dramatic leaps in and out of the water. These gorgeous animals are frequently found near Sitka Alaska. Humpback whales are accessible on good viewing days with a comfortably outfitted charter boat. Sitka Whale Watch has a specially outfitted 35-foot charter boat with hydraulic downriggers and exhaust systems to keep the fumes away.   Hydrophones Let You Listen on Deck Our hydraulic additions and other modifications to the boat enable our customers to move through the water very slowly as we get closer

    These whales are known for their acrobatic "breaching" displays and their long bodies, which contain the animal's long flippers. They often swim upside down near the surface of the water, sometimes just under a boat to be petted. They are also known for singing songs, though they do not vocalize with lungs like humans. Instead, they drum with their flukes on the surface of the water. Let's explore more of their nature.   Size and Growth   A mature whale is about 39 feet in length and weighs up to 40 tons.

    Watching whales is one of the most exciting and amazing experiences you can have in your lifetime. Whales live in water, so you have to either be at the beach or in a boat to see them. Watching whales has always been a popular activity for tourists and locals alike. This blog post will highlight some of the items you should bring along for your trip to Sitka, Alaska.   1. Extra Clothing If you are going on a whale-watching tour in the summer, it will likely be close to 100

    Sitka, Alaska is an outdoor lover's paradise boasting some truly stunning scenery and an abundance of wildlife. The town sits at the edge of the Northern Pacific Gyre, where the Japanese Current brings slightly warmer water into Sitka Sound, attracting a wide range of aquatic species, including several different species of whales. A huge number of humpback whales makes their home in the area during the summer and fall before migrating out into the open ocean on their way to Hawaii for the winter. All these factors make

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    Imagine witnessing a massive humpback whale breach the water's surface ten feet away from you. It's a spectacular scene, and if you're lucky enough to see one firsthand, there are few sights more awe-inspiring. For many people, summer is the best time to go whale watching and experience a close encounter like this one. Discover the best times to see different species of whales in Sitka Alaska, and where to go to find the largest concentrations of these majestic creatures.    1. Humpback Whales  Humpback whales can reach about 60 feet

    Anyone who has spent time in the ocean knows that a whale is one of the most majestic creatures to grace the planet. Are you aware of how many species of whale exist? What color is a humpback whale? Whales are cetacean mammals that spend their whole lives in the ocean. They're in charge of having a giant body length and weight, being an oceans' apex predator. They also exist in a variety of types with varying features. The top ten fun facts about whales in Sitka, Alaska,

    Sitka Whale Watch provides one of the most affordable yet amazing whale watching tours in Alaska. If you are not a resident of Alaska, you can book a cruise to Sitka and add the whale watching tour to your cruise itinerary.   Besides whale watching, Sitka offers a rich, fun culture to explore. From traditional dances to cultural cuisine and Grey Whale, Sitka Alaska has something to offer to everyone. With summer already here, a cruise to Sitka is also the perfect getaway to enjoy the cold.  So without further ado,

    Whales are some of the world's most amazing creatures. Many people love heading off and seeing these mammals in the wild. Few things are quite as exhilarating as getting on a ship and getting to know these animals in person. But if you like marine mammals, you'll want to have the opportunity to see what makes them tick, how they look, and respond. That's why so many people today find it ideal to head to Alaska for Grey Whale watching.    A Wild Place    The 50th state continues to fascinate. Alaska

    Situated on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, the town of Sitka has a rich cultural past and an abundance of natural splendor. Learn about the distinctive terrain, community’s history, and adventure possibilities by exploring its history and culture.  Sitka, Alaska, is ideal for the world’s biggest animals, which may flourish here. Dolphins, porpoises, and whales are all examples of cetaceans.  On the other hand, the gigantic whale is the center of attraction. Nowadays, whale watching is one of Alaska’s most popular outdoor activities because these social animals are

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