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    Sitka Whale Watch

    Boat Tours in Sitka, Alaska

    Sitka is undoubtedly one of Alaska’s most picturesque and fascinating communities. The mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding wilderness is a perfect environment for various tour programs. 

    It is incredible when you visit Sitka. The unique experience includes cruising the gorgeous seas off the coast of Sitka, taking in the breathtaking landscape while your guide shares surprising insights about the area’s history, fauna, and the float-house you’ll visit. 

    The voyage can also walk you through one of the most intriguing issues, including Sitka’s cultural history and how Sitka reigned as Russia’s capital until 1867 when the United States purchased Alaska. 

    As your ship approaches Sitka Harbor, one of the first sights to catch your attention will be those little islands in every corner. As a result, wildlife boat trips are a popular half-day excursion. 

    Read on to find out what is in store for you as you embark on the boat tour in Sitka, Alaska. 

    The Breathtaking Views 

    Explore the beautiful Sitka sounds in a purpose-built excursion boat, which will provide you with spectacular views of the uninhabited wilderness. During the voyage, you’ll hear about the area’s history, starting with the indigenous Tlingits who arrived after the last ice age some 10,000 years ago. 

    The scenery has not altered much over the years, and you’ll get a close look at it while stopping by on a small island in the sea. The views will be breathtaking in every direction, and you will remember it much more if you see some of Alaska’s famous wildlife. 

    The boat’s open deck provides the finest uninterrupted views, while the warmed cabin also provides fantastic vistas. 

    The Amazing Wildlife 

    Around Sitka, wildlife abounds, with bald eagles flying above and sea lions, sea otters, and seals swimming near the coastline. Remember to keep an eye out for black-tailed deer and brown bears along the woodland border. 

    With sea lions, sea otters, and porpoises, you may as well notice whales breaching the water’s surface. Humpback whales are frequently seen rolling gracefully in the surf and lifting their flukes while sinking to feed. 

    You’ll eventually come to a float-house at Camp Coogan Bay, which has been renamed after a warrior who constructed a wood-cutting campsite in the nearby woods in the 1870s. 

    Some Helpful Tips and Insights 

    • Wear weather-appropriate clothes and wear layers.
    • Put on a pair of flat, comfy shoes.
    • It is possible to disembark on a distant island for a beach walk. 
    • You can access the boat from the dock. A steep ramp may require guests to climb up or down. 
    • The vessel can be a heated excursion sailboat with indoor seating and a restroom.  

    Whale Watching in the Famous “Kimshan” 

    For a memorable whale-watching experience, there’s no boat but the mighty Kimshan that can offer you better in Sitka, Alaska. 

    The “Kimshan,” which is 35 feet in length, was custom-built to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for all. This diesel-powered watercraft is 13 feet wide and has a 16-foot-by-13-foot back deck. This extra room allows you and your visitors to rest and enjoy your journey in luxury. 

    Whale-Watching: The Experience of a Lifetime 

    Sitka’s wildlife is unlike any other, and you would not be disappointed when it comes to the mighty whales and other sea creatures! When you book a whale watching tour with Sitka Whale Watchingyou can expect to see various animals such as Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, Sea Otters, Puffins, and more. 

    The three most commonly seen whales during the excursion are: 

    • GrayWhales- With white bumps all around their skin, gray whales with smaller heads often swoop a lot of sand and are bottom feeders. 
    • Humpback Whales – Often recognized by their dark color, large fins, and large tail, they’re seen slapping the water when on the hunt.  
    • Orca Whales- Famous as Killer whales, they are found in every ocean, often recognized for their black and white color.

    Where to Book Your Whale Watching in Sitka, Alaska 

    You’re here in Sitka, Alaska, making a checklist for your tour; there’s one you wouldn’t want to miss; The Whale Watch. 

    Sitka Whale Watch has something for everyone, whether you’re an Alaskan who wants to see fresh views or a visitor who wants to learn more about the state. 

    They also provide you and your friends with a more personalized and pleasurable whale viewing experience that you will remember for a lifetime. 

    You can find this locally owned business run by an Alaskan native couple at Sitka, AK 99835. You can also visit their website: https://sitkawhalewatch.com. Or dial +1 (907)738-7311 for bookings right away. 

    We hope that you have the most memorable whale-watching experience ever! 

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