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    Four Items That Make Whale Watching in Sitka, Alaska Memorable

    Watching whales is one of the most exciting and amazing experiences you can have in your lifetime. Whales live in water, so you have to either be at the beach or in a boat to see them. Watching whales has always been a popular activity for tourists and locals alike. This blog post will highlight some of the items you should bring along for your trip to Sitka, Alaska.


    1. Extra Clothing

    If you are going on a whale-watching tour in the summer, it will likely be close to 100 degrees outside. There is nothing worse than being stuck out on the water for hours and getting hot and sweaty. Bring along an extra pair of clothing, so you can change into something cooler if you start to overheat.

    You can also bring along a small fan so you can stay cool. If you’re on a boat or in a kayak, you will also need a paddle that you can use to dissipate heat. Summer is the peak season for whale watching, so you will likely have some crowds. Try to book well in advance so you don’t run into any delays. In addition to booking your tour, consider how long you will be out on the water.


    2. Sunscreen

    You will want to wear long-sleeve shirts and pants to protect your sensitive skin from the sun’s harmful rays. You will also want to wear sunglasses to reduce the risk of burning. If you are in a state that gets a lot of sunlight, you will want to make sure that you have a lot of sunscreen on as well. Remember to reapply sunscreen every three hours or so.


    3. Camera

    Always carry a camera and take lots of pictures. Even if you don’t get any fantastic shots, at least you will have captured some of the moments. You never know what type of wildlife you might see on your trip. It would be a shame for something amazing to happen and not have a camera with you.


    Extra Beverages

    You may be out at sea for several hours while watching whales, so bring along some extra drinks or food with you if your tour guide forgets or runs out of some drinks or food items. Some tours may include a visit to a whale sanctuary where you can feed the whales or observe how they interact with humans.

    If you are going to be visiting the Pacific Northwest, you may want to consider taking a whale watching tour. Whales are fascinating creatures, and you will never know what you might see out there on the water. if you are planning to watch whales on your next vacation, contact Sitka Whale Watch. We provide quality tour guides and safety guidelines to tourists during their whale watch experience.

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