Our Sitka Whale Watching experience is brought to you by Captain Cody Loomis and his wife, Marlie.

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    Sitka Whale Watch

    Sitka Whale Watching Guidelines

    The experience of whale watching is made possible by Captain Cody Loomis, who has more than 30 years of experience in fishing excursions operations and wildlife tours along the southeast of Alaska.  

    The captain with his wife Marlie are third-generation Alaskans and have resided in the area since 2006. With their years of experience and love for sports fishing and Alaska’s outdoor activities, they are familiar with Alaska’s beautiful waters and its sceneries.  

    Captain Cody’s over 25 years of experience navigating the Alaska waters makes him one of the area’s sought out and renowned captains. He started as his father’s charter boat deckhand in 1988, and in 1998, he became a fishing guide and has led many visitors in wildlife tours and fishing excursions all over Southeast Alaska.  

    Here’s what you acquire during the wildlife tours and fishing excursions with Sitka Whale Watch. 


    Whether you are a visitor or an Alaskan native and want to learn more about Alaska and what is covered during your trip, Cody is your guide.  


    Captain Cody operates one boat, which assures you undivided attention throughout the journey, and you will be in the safe hands of a competent captain. 


    The wildlife tour is locally owned, and they offer an exceptional whale-watching experience.  


    The wildlife tour also ensures you an enjoyable and personalized whale watching experience.  

    What to Know About Sitka 

    It is the home of Alaska’s beautiful wildlife and sea life. Whether you want to see Alaska’s towering mountains, whales, or bald eagles, the Whale Watching tour is here for you. 

    Captain Cody is the leader of the whale watching tour in the custom-built 35-foot boat. All tours are safely arranged in advance to give customers a fantastic whale-watching experience. Even though the tour’s aim is to watch whales, you also have the privilege of seeing Puffins, Sea Otters, Morel, Stellar Sea Lions, and Bald Eagles.  

    What to Expect In The Journey? 

     After booking the whale watching tour, you will schedule the day, time, and the number of hours you want to go for the tour. Captain Cody guides all the tours to give you the best wildlife views.  

    Types of Whales to Watch in Alaska 

    Alaska natives take pride in their region’s beauty, and it goes without saying that Sitka’s wildlife is exceptional when it comes to sea animals like whales. During your whale watching tour, expect to see more sea animals like Puffins and Sea Otters.  

    When it comes to whales, they exist as different species. 

    Orca Whales 

    Orca whales are found in almost every ocean during the warm months and are also called killer whales. They are white and black, weigh approximately 8,000 pounds, and have a life span of 30 to 45 years—Orcas feast on fish, sea lions, sharks, seabirds, dolphins, and giant whales.  

    Humpback Whale  

    Humpbacks are known for their large fins, dark color, and large tails. They can grow up to a length of 17 meters. It is common to see humpback whales as they slap the water when hunting in warm months. They feed on small schooling fish, planktons, and tiny krill. 

    If you are willing to experience Alaska’s Whale Watching tour, reach out to Sitka-Whale Watching and book an appointment. You can also contact them for any inquiry on what to expect in southeast Alaska. 

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