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    When is the Best Time to Spot a Grey Whale?

    Whales are some of the world’s most amazing creatures. Many people love heading off and seeing these mammals in the wild. Few things are quite as exhilarating as getting on a ship and getting to know these animals in person. But if you like marine mammals, you’ll want to have the opportunity to see what makes them tick, how they look, and respond. That’s why so many people today find it ideal to head to Alaska for Grey Whale watching. 


    A Wild Place 


    The 50th state continues to fascinate. Alaska is one of the last wild places in the world. It has vast forests, a great deal of snow each year, and charming, compact cities. It also has an incredible coastline. The Alaskan coast stretches from the Arctic Circle to the edge of Canada. It’s one place where you can get to know what it means to get on the ocean in person. This is where you’ll find lots of ocean guides. They’re very happy to share their knowledge of their world with anyone who wants to get to know it better. A good guide can help you understand exactly what you are seeing when you get on the water. They can also help you understand their behavior as you watch them from a protected perch.  




    One of the most idyllic places in all of Alaska is Sitka. Sitka Alaska sits on the lower part of the state where it touches Canada and the Pacific Ocean. it’s on a narrow inlet that offers protection from the colder weather and turbulent sea. With a relatively mild climate and when compared with many parts of the state, Sitka Alaska makes an ideal home base from which to begin your whale watching journey. The city was originally part of Russia before joining the United States in 1867. It’s also a modern town where you can find lots of chances to see whales as they play, eat, and show off just offshore.  


    Seeing Whales 


    In general, the best time of the year to see whales is during the shorter spring and summer months. That starts in March and continues until the fall. This is when the waters off the coast of Sitka are largely free of ice. That makes it easy to get on the water and get near them as they swim. This species comes to this part of the world in order to feed on the abundant seafood they find in the bay. They tend to be easy to spot as they have long bodies. They’re also one of many whale species that make their home in Sitka at this time of the year.  


    If you’re someone who loves the ocean and it all that it represents, now is the time to get to Alaska and get to know this part of the world. With expert help from those at Sitka Whale Watch, you’ll have a great time as you see some of the world’s most amazing creatures in their native habitat. 


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